By Aminata Alharazim

Floods in Sierra Leone - 14 Aug 2017
Floods in Sierra Leone – 14 Aug 2017

Help Flood Victims in Sierra Leone

On 14 August, 2017 unprecedented rainfall in Freetown, Sierra Leone brought about a devastating landslide burying everything in its path. Hundreds of people are reported dead and many more are still missing. Most of Freetown is flooded. Our Kissy and Kingtom Bridge schools were damaged. Also, most of the women and children in our programs were affected by the flood.

The Unforgotten is asking for your help to provide emergency assistance to the women and children in Kingtom and Kissy. Our beneficiaries have lost all of their possessions and need your help to rebuild their lives. We hope to raise $10,000 to provide basic needs to 300 women and children.

For more details and to show your support, please visit this fundraiser campaign, where we are collecting funds to help the women and children affected by the flood.

Floods in Sierra Leone